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EuroMUN IV: Reaching sustainability

8. April 2019

The fourth consecutive session of the Shanghai European Model United Nations (EUROMUN IV) took place on the EuroCampus in Hongqiao from Saturday 23rd of March to Sunday 24th of March. This conference was once again organized jointly by the Deutsche Schule Shanghai Hongqiao (DSSH) and the Lycée Français de Shanghai (LFS).

The overall topic “A race against the clock: Reaching sustainability” attracted over a hundred students from all over Shanghai. After a very informative opening speech of one of the French teachers, Madame Florence Bigot-Cormier, about the environmental challenges humanity has to face the debates began in four committees: the Security Council (SC), the European Union Council (EuC), the Environmental Committee (EC) and the General Assembly (GA). Each individual committee had multiple topics to discuss, for example the reduction of food waste, the reduction of international dependency on crude oil or the protection of endangered species. While all debates had very different topics, there was also one common factor: the mentality with which we debated. All delegates participated with incredible passion and enthusiasm. The amount of energy that went into preparation and later the delivery of the respective country’s point of view was immense and all the delegates deserve our deepest respect.

Furthermore, realizing a project together with the French School showed us that the LFS and the DSSH are not simply individual schools that happen to share a campus. If we combine our strengths, we can achieve great achievements. We look forward to future collaborations of our two schools.

To sum up, EuroMUN was an amazing experience. The debates were interesting and engaging, but even more important are the new friends we made. They remind us that MUN is not solely about debates and resolutions but also about making friends and meeting other people with different cultural backgrounds and different points of view on the world politics. Sharing those is what makes these conferences so incredible and is what makes these experiences so unforgettable.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the German Consulate Shanghai for its interest in our conference. As a sign that Germany (who is represented in the Security Council this year) and especially the German Consulate Shanghai support young people who want to learn about the UN and its structures all the participants of EuroMUN received a little gift. We are very happy about that collaboration and hope that we can intensify it next year.

Sebastian Nonn, 11b

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