Globalisierung versus Lokalisierung: Einblicke eines Experten

Globalization versus localization: insights from an expert

14. June 2022

Christian Sommer, CEO of the German Centre in Shanghai, visited the students of the DSS in the virtual classroom on June 14, 2022 and answered the questions of the 11th grade of both school locations. The geography lessons dealt with the topic of globalization and its worldwide significance for the economy. But before they got to market economy topics, the participants were interested in what a typical working day at the German Centre looks like.

In addition to preparing and giving lectures - such as the one at the DSS - he has to conduct consultations with companies interested in doing business with China, check legal requirements from the authorities and, in the broadest sense, perform janitorial duties, Christian Sommer explained with a smile.

A short film then presented the economic ties between Germany and China, and in the ensuing exchange, the participants discussed the very current effects of the recent lockdown in Shanghai. Despite the online format, there was a lively exchange and due to his many years of professional experience in China, Christian Sommer showed with lively and current examples how dynamic and exciting the future action relations are to be assessed worldwide.


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