Education from 18 Months to 18 Years

The German School Shanghai Hongqiao is located in the lively world metropolis of Shanghai. As one of the biggest schools among 140 recognized oversea schools pursuing German educational goals, it offers students first class-education from kindergarten to high school.

The school is more than just an excellent education establishment. Although faraway from Europe, it creates a cultural atmosphere that makes people feel closer to home. Additionally, children from multilingual families have the opportunity to strengthen their German as a second language.

Education Starts with Kindergarten

Our kindergarten provides the children with time to play freely and learn actively every day. The education concept applied here values every child and provides varied offers of education.

These offers are orientated to the current interests of the children. Even for the youngest ones, an inspiring environment for playing, exploration and discovery is achieved with modern group rooms equipped with game and learning materials, as well as with an attractive outside area. A smooth transition from kindergarten to primary school is realized through joint activities.

Personal Development in the Primary School

The personal and the learning development of each child constitute the focal point of the whole education endeavour. In a positive learning atmosphere, students in small classes are challenged and nurtured in accordance to their skills and abilities.

Class teachers are supported in this process by education specialists of the tutor team. Moreover, the primary school sees itself as an important link between the kindergarten and the secondary school: its joint activities with the other two help the children to smoothly transit into the next stage.

High Performance Standards in Secondary School

The secondary school is based on a course of education of eight-year high school which prepares the students for the High School Certificate (Abitur) / the German International Abitur Exams (DIA). Students can also opt for a Hauptschulabluss or a Realschulabluss. With the path of technical school (Fachoberschule), the German School Shanghai Hongqiao offers an additional course of education. The syllabus and high performance standards allow the students to be integrated into the schooling system in Germany as well as prepare them for their life and work in an international environment. School and career consultants support the students with advice and resources.

Discover Talents in Co-curricular Activities (Cocu)

In the afternoon, the primary and the secondary school offer students a big variety of activity groups. The Cocu Department has more than one hundred options with diverse themes ranging from sports, music, theatre, art, social projects, and technology to leisure activities. Social education workers specializing in schools support the students in their daily lives and plan social and preventative work for children and teenagers.