School Association

In 1995, parents got together in a living room in Shanghai to provide German-language education for their children. Today, a non-profit association with a non-profit orientation is the sponsor of a German school with two locations, ensures sustainable financing as the managing body and, together with the school administrators, decisively determines the strategy as well as the development of the schools.

We offer German education at the highest level, state-recognized degrees and seamless connectivity to the German education system at two locations in Shanghai. Our association focuses its work on solutions and content. For us, problems are challenges and changes are potentials for development.

The German language is a central element of our culture and as the largest German cultural center in Shanghai, we live German values while integrating Chinese elements. German is the colloquial language and the language of instruction in our schools and is thus a ubiquitous carrier of our culture and education.

Every day, we as the Board of Directors work to make our school the first choice among overseas schools in Shanghai. It should inspire with first-class education and be characterized by the fullest satisfaction of children and young people, parents, staff as well as partner organizations.

The honorary board consists of eight members who are elected by the school association - that is, parents and other members - at an annual general meeting. The elected board members cover chairmanship, one deputy per site, treasury, secretarial and project-related functions (such as finance and IT). In day-to-day business, two officers represent the interests of the board and provide support in communicating with school administrators and committees.

In order to clearly illustrate structures, areas of responsibility and communication relationships between the two locations and the association, an overview is provided as (german only) PDF here

The Board

Contact information for the members of the Executive Board is available in the page Contact persons . You can read about the school's successful history and our former volunteer board chairs here.